Dear Spotlight Customers,

Thank you for helping us create a premier home tour experience.

This policy assures each home gets the attention it deserves. Keeping our photographers on time and safe.

When scheduling a tour with Spotlight you agree to have the listing in

"Photo Shoot Ready" condition.

This means: 

  • The home is prepared for photography upon arrival
  • Lights on, blinds up, etc. Click this link for a detailed checklist
  • Please understand photographers are not responsible for moving or adjusting items
  • We request that the photographers not touch anything for safety. Especially during Covid-19. Thank you for understanding
  • Additional fees may apply if an appointment is delayed due to not being ready or being late to compensate for the photographers time
  • In some cases, the need to reschedule may be appropriate in consideration of the appointments to follow

We appreciate that you value our time and business in honoring this policy.

If you ever need to more time and would like to reschedule please call our 

Customer Support at (801) 466-4074 or Contact Us Here